please don’t just celebrate big girls for their breasts and butts. please celebrate big tummies. please praise thick legs and rounded arms. please support thundering thighs and chubby chins. please talk about the warmth of her hugs and how statuesque she looks when she stands up straight but do not objectify fat women by reducing their beauty to a few sexualized body parts 



Gaming is something that is near and dear to my heart, so to celebrate the new video game inspired fragrances I’ve just released and also to celebrate gaming in general, here is a gaming giveaway for you all!

Over $130 worth of PRIZES:

One Tart/Candle Warmer from Amazon

Winner can choose any color that is available from the listing linked.
Nine Video Game Tarts.
One each of:

  • Hyrulian Summer
  • Dragonborn
  • Chocobo Stables
  • Lavender Town
  • Donkey Kong
  • T-Virus
  • Wumpa Fruit
  • Welcome to Rapture
  • Maverick Hunter

One The Cake is a Lie Chap stick.
Red velvet cake flavored chap stick/lip balm. Can be made vegan if winner so desires.
One Dragonborn Roll-on.
A great unisex, almost masculine scent. Made with fractionated coconut oil and fragrance.
Six Pokemon Buttons
From my other online shop! Winner can choose any 6 Pokemon. They’re all drawn as ditto. Check the link for more examples!
Two Video Game patches of your choice.
From my other online shop! Winner can choose any two patch designs.
$10 Steam gift card
$25 GameStop gift card


  • Must be following fictitiousfragrances
  • Only reblogs count
  • No giveaway only blogs!
  • You can reblog as many times as you’d like, but please don’t spam your followers.
  • International shipping is okay! Everyone can enter!
  • Giveaway ends Sunday, June 15th at 9PM CST

You can also enter by liking our Facebook page and sharing the giveaway post pinned to the top of our page

Good luck!